Cast and credits: episode 4

Here's our roll call of writers, producers, script editors and performers for episode 4!

Newsjack featured performances by Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Justin Edwards, Pippa Evans and Lewis Macleod.

It was written by:

Alan Stafford

Alex Buchanan

Alison Pritchard

Alun Evans

Andy Wolton

Ben Hillyar

Caspian James

David McCready

Eleanor Green

Gabby Hutchinson Crouch

Graeme McCarthy

Kathleen Fry

Kevin Baker

Mark Slade

Martin Hastie

Martin Smith

Max Davis

Neevon Khayati-Daryan

Owen Seddon & Emlyn Williams

Paul Gilmour

Philip Lickley

Robert AJ Newton

Robert Hale

Sarah Campbell

Sean Bennett

Shane McHale

Simon Wiltshire

Steve Holford

Steve N Allen

Susan Murray

Tom Crawshaw

Tom Denton

Tom Neenan

The script editors were Benjamin Partridge & Tom Neenan.

It was produced by Lyndsay Fenner & Ed Morrish.

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