Civil War silver

These three pieces of silver all share one thing in common - they date from the time of the English Civil War, the 1640s.

The two oval medallions are, in fact, Royalist tokens and would have been worn by those who supported King Charles I. The other item is inscribed 'Newark 1646' and is a Royalist half crown coin, minted at the time of the siege of Newark. The coin is valued at £200-£300, while the tokens are worth £600-£800 and £1,000.

Did you know? The English civil war broke out in 1642 and saw the Royalist north and west fighting against a Parliamentarian south and east.

Did you know? Prince Rupert's ‘Relief of Newark’ was one of the Royalist’s most brilliant victories. The cavalry of the King’s nephew crushed the besieging force of the Parliamentarians.

Did you know? The defeated Charles I was tried, found guilty, and beheaded in January 1649.