Meet the Roboteers of Robot Wars Season 2

Get ready to battle!

It's time to enter the Robot Wars arena once again! The new season will get underway on March 5th 2017 and 40 teams of roboteers and their robots are raring to enter the ring!

Team micro:bit think all of these robots are seriously cool, but we got to know a few of our favourites a bit better.

Team Sabretooth

Robot Stats

Weapon: Drum Spinner

Biggest weakness: This is a brand new robot and has semi exposed tyres.

Sabretooth’s new Robot has a terrifying 25 kilogram drum spinner reaching 7,000 resolutions per minute! It even has its own lightning effects to make it look like it's jet-powered. The design is based around an industrial quarry robot.

Meet the Team

Team Members: Gabriel (42), Esme (15), Rob (41) and Al (67).

Gabriel has been battling robots for 16 years, but unfortunately hasn't won a televised battle. But Gabriel is confident that this is the year to turn things around!

He's joined by Rob, his daughter Esme (also known as the ‘Robot Wars baby’), and new team member Alan, with 50 years of engineering experience behind him.

Team micro:bit say...

While it might not help them win battles, the lighting they've put inside is seriously cool. Those spinning drums can do some serious damage, we wonder if it will lift any opponents out of the arena...

Team Cherub

Robot Stats

Weapon: Lifter

Biggest weakness: The robot has exposed wheels which leaves it vulnerable to attack.

Cherub is the only lifter in the competition. It is a two-wheeled drive with electric lifting arms, capable of effortlessly lifting a house robot. Though it may have an angelic sounding name, Cherub is armoured and ready for battle with hardened steel armour like a tank.

Meet the Team

Team Members: Sarah (12), Rosie (12), Mark (26) and Toby (13)

This family previously entered with Gabriel last season but this time twins Sarah and Rosie want to show that they can also compete in Robot Wars. They've brought in other family members Toby and Mark, sharing over five years of robot battling experience.

Sarah is passionate about robot building but they think that their dad, Craig, was too generous in the last series - these girls intend to show no mercy.

Team micro:bit say...

These twins mean business! Sarah has told us that Cherub is the only fighting robot that can do a handstand - and we're super excited to see that in action.

Team Crank-E

Robot Stats

Weapon: Vertical Spinner

Biggest Weakness: Biggest weakness: This new machine has not been system tested and the wheels may be vulnerable.

This robot has had a serious upgrade since Kill-E-Crank-E on Series 1. The new Crank-E is invertible and has two-wheel drive and a 22-kilogram central vertical asymmetric spinner which rotates at 6,000 revolutions per minute. It's a threat whichever way up!

Meet the Team

Team Members: Robin (45), Matthew (12), Mike (49), Isaac (12)

Last series, Kill-E-Crank-E was knocked out in the group battles, but managed to knock the fan-favourite Razer into the pit.

This team has been battling robots ever since the first ever Robot Wars, and their latest entry was built in just two months!

Team micro:bit say...

Razer used to be our favourite robot - we'll never forgive you, Crank-E! Just kidding, we can't get mad at a robot with cute googly eyes.

Team Expulsion

Robot Stats

Weapon: Spinner

Biggest weakness: No way of righting itself if it falls on its side and due to its size the armour is thin in places - especially at the back. Limited driving experience

Expulsion has a 1/2 a meter spinning disk made out of 10mm military grade steel, which has four spikes hidden inside. The spikes only protrude once the weapon gets up to full speed - preventing opponents from trying to slow it down. The weapon has the ability to spin one way to slash the opponent and the other way to skewer them - anyone for a robot kebab?

Meet the Team

Team Members: Georgina (17), Henry (17), Nicole (16) and Ethan (16)

Each member of this team is looking to work in Engineering in the future, and built Expulsion in their Design Technology teacher's robotics club.

Their well-researched design balances size with weight, and keeps the spinning blade concealed until its spinning fast enough to slice through other robots. Their 'blade sandwich' design came about after craving bagels for lunch!

Team micro:bit say...

Their teacher let them make a fighting robot at school?! That's seriously cool. The design of their spinning blade is really unique, though we wouldn't want to see one inside a bagel...

Team Ms Nightshade

Robot Stats

Weapon: Spikes

Biggest weakness: This is a new robot that is untested and it cannot cause a massive amount of damage.

Standing taller than any other robot on the show and built with the ability to actually climb out of the pit, Ms Nightshade is a tower of power! Its side panels open up like a flower but watch out - these 'petals' have a deadly spike that swing down like a hammer.

Meet the Team

Team Members: Katie (26), Jodie (27)

Katie and Jodie are students at the University of Brighton who became inspired to make their own robot after studying fighting robots in class.

They think a good offense is a great defence, so instead of causing the most damage, they aim to outlast the competition. Their biggest fear is the spinners as they could seriously damage their armour however, they claim that the robot cannot be flipped.

Team micro:bit say...

We love the design of this one. The shape and purple paint make it look like a witch's hat. Watching this monster climb out of the pit would be really cool (and kinda scary...).