Inspired by the programme? Would you like to find out more about history of photography? Download a free booklet to help you discover details about our photographic history, and how you can preserve your own photos.

Britain’s First Photo Album Booklet (PDF 2.5 Mb)

Britain’s First Photo Album Booklet in Welsh (PDF 2.6 Mb)

If you’ve been inspired to find out more or want to be able to help others, Britain’s First Photo Album has produced some downloadable resources to get you started.

Ideas for activities:

Activity leaflet (PDF 1.1 mb)

Activity leaflet (PDF 1.1 mb)

To promote your event, you can use one of these posters and bunting:

Empty belly poster – use this to write your own details in (PDF 0.3 Mb)

Empty belly poster Welsh – defnyddio hyn i ysgrifennu eich manylion eich hun (PDF 0.3 Mb)

Britain’s First Photo Album poster (PDF 0.8 Mb)

Britain’s First Photo Album poster - Welsh (PDF 0.9 Mb)

Cut out bunting - to decorate your space (PDF 1.1 Mb)

Note that Adobe Acrobat is required to open these documents.

The BBC has created Britain’s First Photo Album resources to help support local partners to run events. The event where these materials will be used will not be run or delivered by the BBC.