If you think the new V&A Dundee building is a stunning work of art on the outside, just wait ’til you see what’s inside

30 May 2018

These are exciting times for Philip Long. He’s the man in charge of the new V&A Dundee, which opens its doors on Saturday 15 September.

The extraordinary building sits proudly on Dundee’s waterfront, in an area currently undergoing a £1 billion redevelopment. There’s a real buzz around the rejuvenating city and the V&A will be Dundee’s crown jewel. So when Scotland’s first design museum finally opens to the public, what will be inside?

“You will be going to see the extraordinary history of Scotland’s design […] and the most remarkable exhibitions looking at design from around the world”, explained Philip on Stark Talk.

“The first will be on the history, the style and the design of ocean liners, a remarkable phenomenon of the 19th and 20th Centuries which Scotland had such a key part in. Clydeside especially was the centre of the largest moving objects ever designed and built. It is a really thrilling show.”

Philip is excited about the regeneration of Dundee.

“I want to see this city carrying on changing and evolving, he said. “We’re investing [in Dundee], building jobs and creating places for people to come and see this super-cool city.”

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