Who's who at the BBC Concert Orchestra

Leader: Appointment in progress

Acting Leader: Charles Mutter

Acting Associate Leader: Rebecca Turner

Peter Bussereau

Chereene Allen

Helena Casey

Lucy Hartley

Cormac Browne

Juan Gonzalez

Rustom Pomeroy (from 25 Sept

Michael Gray

Matthew Elston

Marcus Broome

David Beaman

Daniel Mullin

Sarah Freestone

Rustom Pomeroy

Anna Ritchie

Timothy Welch

Robin Del Mar

Nigel Goodwin

Helen Knief

Mike Briggs

Appointment in progress

Benjamin Hughes

Katharine O'Kane

Matthew Lee

Josephine Abbott

Ben Rogerson


Dominic Worsley

Appointment in progress

Stacey-Ann Miller

Andrew Wood

Ileana Ruhemann

Sophie Johnson

Gareth Hulse

Victoria Walpole


Derek Hannigan

John McDougall

Jane Sibley

Stephen Bell

Tom Rumsby

Mark Johnson

David Wythe

Catherine Moore

David McCallum

John Blackshaw

James Casey

Mike Lloyd

Appointment in progress

Appointment in progress

Alasdair Malloy

Stephen Whibley


General Manager: Andrew Connolly

Business Assistant: Darren Kimpton

Producer: Neil Varley

Concerts and Planning Administrator: Katharine Plows

Concerts and Planning Assistant: Ayesha Labrom

Orchestra Manager: Alex Walden

Orchestra Staff Manager: Claire Barnes

Acting Assistant Orchestra Manager: Ruth Potter

Music and Orchestra Associate: Jenny Ricotti

Orchestral Production Manager: Rob Jordan

Stage and Transport Manager: Scott Jones

London Performing Groups Marketing & Learning

Head of Marketing, Publications and Learning: Kate Finch

Communications Manager: Madeleine Castell

Assistant Publicist: David Hopkins

Marketing Manager: Sarah Hirons

Marketing Officer: Sian Bateman

Marketing Assistant: Sophie Goodwin

Senior Learning Manager: Ellara Wakely

Learning Managers: Melanie Fryer & Garth McArthur

Learning Co-ordinators: Lauren Creed, Rebecca Burns, Naomi Selwyn