If you're ready for your first snog but not sure how to do it, don't panic! There's loads of exciting options when it comes locking lips...

Remember that snogging is a natural thing

Kissing jitters

Kissing someone for the first time can be pretty darn nerve-wracking. The main thing to remember is that snogging is a natural thing, so just relax and let your instincts take over.


First of all, make sure they know what's coming. You don't want to end up snogging someone's ear.

Once they know they're about to get lucky, lean towards them and tilt your head (so you don't squish noses). Pout your lips, parting them slightly as you press against their lips. Purse and release your lips, without breaking contact with theirs, occasionally shifting position so it doesn't get boring.

The first time you kiss, keep it short - less than a minute.

We don't learn this kind of French at school

When you've got used to their kissing techniques, try adding tongues. Your mum might call this a French kiss, but it's probably best to avoid doing this after a garlic-heavy lunch.

Start by kissing normally, then gently slide your tongue into the other person's mouth. Push your tongue part way in, using slow, gentle movements.

It might feel odd at first, but practice makes perfect.

Advanced snogging success

Now try spicing up your technique. Twist your tongue around theirs, run your tongue lightly along their teeth, over the roof of their mouth and across the tip of their tongue. Dental check-ups aren't sexy, so keep the probing brief and light.

Creative kissing isn't just about snogging. Kiss their cheeks and their nose, even their forehead.

And pecks still have their place, so pucker up at regular intervals. Before you know it, you'll be snogging with confidence.

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