Frequency guide & other ways to listen

Wherever you are in Wales, the UK or elsewhere in the world, there are lots of ways to listen to BBC Radio Wales.

Digital radio coverage in south Wales

UPDATE - Digital Radio coverage in south west Wales

From Friday 6 September, the local DAB multiplex in south west Wales is officially launched, broadcasting Radio Wales, Radio Cymru, and a number of commercial stations to most of Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire for the first time.

An estimated 110,000 people will be able to hear BBC Radio Wales in these areas on DAB for the first time, from the transmitters in Kilvey Hill, Carmel and Preseli. A further 20,000 will be able to hear us in southern Pembrokeshire when the Greenhill transmitter switches on early in 2014.

You may need to retune your DAB radio in order to hear BBC Radio Wales in this area. It's possible if you already receive Radio Wales and Radio Cymru on digital radio in these areas, you may need to re-tune (or "re-scan") your radio set in order to keep hearing the stations.

LINK: For help with retuning, visit this page

> What about digital radio in mid Wales?

On DAB Digital Radio, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru are transmitted on multiplexes run by commercial broadcasting operators and therefore the transmitters used and areas covered are outside our control. We are not currently aware of any plans to expand coverage further into mid Wales. Should we get further information about coverage in this area we will, of course, share it with our listeners as soon as possible.

> When will Radio Wales be available on digital radio in north west Wales?

Plans are in place for a further 150,000 homes in north west Wales to receive Radio Wales on DAB for the first time during 2014.


Digital Radio in south east Wales:

In July 2013 changes were made to the digital radio (DAB) multiplexes in south east Wales which carry BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru.

This brought digital radio coverage to more than 100,000 additional households, including for the first time the Merthyr Tydfil, Abergavenny, Aberdare and Ebbw Vale areas.

Editor's Blog (July 2013): Steve Austins on digital radio coverage increasing

The work to deliver this extra coverage may have caused your existing DAB radios temporarily to lose some of their radio stations, including BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru. If this is the case, perform a re-tune or "re-scan" on your set, and you should find the stations will return.

Do these changes affect other radio services?

These changes to digital radio do not affect FM, AM or online BBC radio services. They do not affect DAB in North East Wales, nor the other BBC UK DAB services such as BBC Radio 1 or 2.

Digital in north east Wales

In April 2013 digital radio was switched on in Wrexham and north east Wales, so people in those areas can now hear BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru on their digital radio sets.

To receive the new services, listeners with digital radios may have to re-tune their sets – you can find out how to do this at

The two new digital transmitters at Wrexham Rhos and Moel-y-Parc take local digital radio coverage in the area from from zero to almost 75% of households, bringing local digital stations as well as Radio Wales to the area on digital radio for the first time.

BBC Radio Wales is also available on digital radio in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, much of the south Wales Valleys and now also in many parts of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire.

Increasing the amount of digital coverage for BBC Radio Wales and Radio Cymru is not in the BBC's control, as securing slots on the relevant digital multiplexes relies on local commercial radio services launching on digital in those areas. However in addition to these new transmitters in north and south Wales the BBC expects coverage to continue to increase in the next few years.

Find out more:

BBC Digital Radio website:

‘Get Digital Radio’:

FM Stereo

You can listen to BBC Radio Wales in FM stereo in many areas of Wales.

In 2011 BBC Radio Wales's FM transmitter in the south-east of Wales moved to the more powerful Wenvoe mast meaning people in Bridgend County, the Vale of Glamorgan and the Gwent Valleys can listen to the station on FM for the first time. The switch is part of a strategy to improve coverage of the station across the whole of Wales.

An updated list of Welsh towns and their FM frequencies (including details for areas not previously covered by FM) is available on our Frequency Table page.

During sport programmes we often split our FM frequencies by area, to enable you to hear commentary on local football and rugby matches. More information about our sports programmes and how to listen to local games is available in our sport coverage guide.

Medium wave

Throughout Wales on 657 AM (north east Wales), 1125 AM (Llandrindod Wells area) and 882 AM (the rest of Wales).

A list of Welsh towns and their AM frequencies is available on our Frequency table page.

Freeview - digital terrestrial television

Channel 719 on your Freeview receiver or digital-ready television (Wales only).

Digital satellite

BBC Radio Wales is available throughout the UK on digital satellite. On Sky digiboxes the channel number is 0117, while on Freesat you can find Radio Wales on channel 714.

Digital cable

BBC Radio Wales can be received via Virgin Media (where available) on channel number 931.

Listening Online

Listen live

To listen to our live output click the 'Listen Live' button at the top of every page of the Radio Wales website.

Listen Again

To catch up with programmes broadcast over the past seven days search our schedule or our A-Z listings. The system for making programmes available online is automated. This system allows us to make nearly all of our programmes available to listen again but once a programme has finished broadcasting, there can be a delay of up to three hours while it is encoded.

Note: for rights reasons we are not always able to stream certain sports programmes, although we endeavour to make as much of our output available online as possible. More information about sports broadcasting online is available in our sport schedule guide.

Flash is the default playback format for listening live to BBC Radio Wales on the internet. For more information and for links to install Flash and Windows Media visit the BBC Radio Help page.

Mobile Phones / Smart Phones and tablets

If your mobile or smart phone has an FM receiver you can receive BBC Radio Wales in many parts of Wales. Check our frequency page for the FM frequency where you are.

If you use your smartphone to listen to the radio via either using the 3G network or wi-fi you can listen to Radio Wales live online from our homepage or using the iPlayer Radio app - available for iPhone / iPad and Android devices.

We are currently rolling out the ability to listen again to shows from the last seven days on selected smartphones and tablets.

iPhone and iPad

On iPhone and iPad you can listen live to our programmes and catch up with programmes from the last seven days on the mobile version of our web pages (by using the iPhone or iPad web browser) and on the iPlayer Radio App.

BBC Information Pages on iPlayer Radio

Blog: More about iPlayer Radio

Android devices

You can listen live to Radio Wales on Android smartphones and tablets, and also Listen Again to our programmes using a web browser, on those Android devices which run Flash. We will be making our Listen Again programmes available on Android web browers which do not run Flash in the near future.

Radio Wales (and other BBC Nations stations) programmes will not be available in the Android BBC iPlayer Radio app until later this year or early in 2014.

Blog: BBC iPlayer Radio app on Android

There are also third party applications available that will enable you to listen to BBC Radio Wales on the move. Please note that the BBC is not responsible for these third party applications.

Listening to the radio using the data network on your mobile or tablet may incur charges from your mobile operator.

Internet Radio

For specific advice about listening via an internet radio visit the BBC Radio Help page.