The Olympics: Listening Online

BBC Radio Wales will bring you all the excitement of London 2012 but there are some changes for our worldwide listeners.

Station Editor Steve Austins writes:

It’s the greatest sporting event in the world. And Wales’ association with the Olympic Games has never been stronger.

After a six day Torch Relay which gave the nation an extraordinary feel-good factor (even the sun shone!), a record 30 Welsh athletes are preparing to take part in the Olympics and a further 38 for the Paralympics. And let’s not forget, London 2012 starts with women’s football in Cardiff, two days before the Opening Ceremony.

BBC Radio Wales will be there throughout the Games with Steffan Garrero the station’s guide inside the Olympic Park. Good Morning Wales (6 AM weekdays & 7 AM on Saturday), Good Evening Wales (from 5 PM weekdays) and The Back Page (Saturday morning at 8.30) will be live from London, with Jamie and Louise (weekdays at 9) coming live from sporting venues across Wales.  

However, there are strict rights restrictions on Olympic content and, as a result, listening live online to all of our programmes throughout this period will only be accessible to listeners inside the UK.

Listeners who live in Great Britain and Northern Ireland won’t hear any difference: all of our programmes will be available online (as well as on FM, AM, and digital) as normal.

However, if you listen online to Radio Wales outside of the UK you won’t be able to hear our live programmes throughout the Olympics.

However, you will still be able to listen to programmes again for seven days after transmission through the BBC iPlayer.