The Fourth Dimension

Boom Town

Blast From The Past

Boom Town is the first story in the current run off Doctor Who to feature an actor from the Classic series. William Thomas, who plays Mr Cleaver, also played Martin in Remembrance Of The Daleks. He went on to He later went on to play Geraint Cooper, the father of Gwen Cooper, in Torchwood.

The Web Planet

Margaret says that she was threatened with being fed to the venom grubs as a child. Venum Grubs are inhabitants of the planet Vortis, from the First Doctor adventure The Web Planet (1965).

Pit Stop

Since the events of The Unquiet Dead, the area around Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff has become a handy refuelling point for the TARDIS, because of its leakage of Rift Energy. The Doctor returns to the same spot in Utopia, two years later.

Tasty Title

This episode was originally called Dining With Monsters.

Into The Void

Russell T Davies noted that the slot for this episode was due to be filled by a script by award-winning scriptwriter Paul Abbott. Abbott's proposal revealed that Rose had been bred by the Doctor as an experiment to create the perfect companion. However, Abbott's commitments to other projects meant that the idea was not developed further.

In Disguise

Rose describes the TARDIS's camouflage as a cloaking device, mirroring the Eighth Doctor's comments in the Doctor Who TV Movie. The Ninth Doctor correctly notes that it is called the chameleon circuit.

Bad Wolf

The reference to the Power Station being called "Blaidd Drwg" (Welsh for Bad Wolf) is the first direct refence to the running theme that the characters pick up on.

Damaged Devices

The tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator referred to in the story is a reference to tribophysics, featured in Davies' Virgin New Adventures novel Damaged Goods, as well as the TV adventure Pyramids of Mars (1975).

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