by Aaron Taylor, aged 9

James and the Jet Stream Dragon

BOING! James jumped up and down on his trampoline, thinking about his half term project, 'The environment'. It was a blustery, Autumn Sunday and he had only 1 hour left to complete his homework! He had just crammed some leaves and pebbles into his pocket but as for question 2 'Explain the Jet Stream' James was clueless!

Nervously running his fingers through his hair, he remembered some other bad news! A last minute visit to the college hairdresser had gone disastrously wrong. Instead of doing a cool flick, the student had cut his hair into a bowl shape! He was just thinking that he may have to wear a hat to school, when suddenly the wind scooped him up and began tossing him around like a pancake. Twisting and turning in every direction he felt like he was being sucked up through a giant's straw. He was even struggling to land back on the trampoline!

As he hovered above the summer house, he could hear mum calling him in for bed. Before he could reply, he began whirling around like he was in a washing machine on a super fast spin. He felt dizzy and sick. Where was he going? What was happening? Why was he shooting up into the upper stratosphere when he just wanted to lay on his bottom bunk?

Whoosh, now he sped along horizontally like he was in the fast water tube at Splash Land!Finally, the wind speed dropped and James found himself floating face down. Fixing his glasses, which were now on the end of his nose, he saw a baby, fire breathing dragon with beady red eyes and prickly skin. 'You're responsible for all of this?' exclaimed James. The dragon answered in smoke signals, 'I'm a jet stream dragon baby, I'm hungry, so feed me!' James offered the dragon an autumn leaf. The dragon snapped it up, then stuffed his snout in James' pocket and greedily gobbled up the rest.

'Hey, you're eating my half term project!' shouted James. He reached into his pocket and threw pebbles at the dragon. In retaliation, the dragon spewed out a massive jet of fire which knocked James off his trajectory and sent him plummeting back down to earth.

'Wake up', whispered Mum. 'You have been hit by a tree branch'. James raised his weary head from the trampoline and stared at the holly tree branch with its tiny red berries and prickly leaves, and instantly recognised his baby dragon. Mum wiped a cold flannel across his forehead and helped him safely indoors. In the hall mirror, James caught a glimpse of the large bump on his head.

'Jumping jet streams!' yelled James. For just above the bump, he saw a perfectly formed flick in his fringe! The jet stream wind had managed to coil his fringe around like a snake and the dragon's fire had set it perfectly into place.

'Well', sighed James with great relief, that's hair and homework SORTED!

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