Of Series 1 of 'GFNewman's The Corrupted', based on his novel, 'Crime and Punishment'

This is planned as a long-running drama series from GFNewman based on the characters from this multi-award-winning writer's best-selling crime novel Crime and Punishment, which has at its heart the rise of the Oldman family from the 1950s to present day as they interact with historical and fictional criminals.

Joey Oldman (nee Olinska) a Russian Jew, arrived in Great Britain before the war with only two words of English and married Cathy Braden. They had a son, Brian and a daughter, Sandra. Cathy's widowed mother, Gracie takes up with a famous and glamorous gangster, Billy Hill, while her brother Jack wants to become World Light-heavy-weight Boxing Champion. Both the army and the Kray twins interfere with this ambition. Jack is left feeling bitter and angry and plunges headlong into crime, running protection rackets and claiming a piece of other criminals' sometimes infamous pies. His actions become ever more savage and bizarre and harder to reconcile.

Haunted by the murder of his grandfather which he witnessed when he was six, Brian Oldman holds a terrible secret that he must keep for fear of his life as he falls deeper under his mother's spell. But there is a more disturbing secret he has yet to discover, one that will threaten his very existence. All the while he becomes a willing participant in the criminal underworld in the 1950s, where gangs such as the Krays and the Richardson are emerging to challenge the old guard in the shape of Billy Hill and Jack 'Spot' Cromer in savage battles for territory.

Throughout this Joey is trying to survive and build a business to provide some security for his family: first with greengrocery shops, then in property rental, when he clashes with Peter Rachman. Later, with moving on to tertiary banking and prospering Joey is pulled further and further into crime, pushed all the while by his manipulative wife.

The series is narrated by Brian Oldman - now in his sixties and serving several life-sentences.

Planned to run over six decades, GFNewman's Corruption plots the course of one family against the backdrop of a revolution in crime as the underworld extends its influence to the very heart of the establishment, in an uncomfortable relationship of shared values.

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