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Pensions Survey

BBC’s Inside Out survey reveals new evidence on why millions of British adults do not have a private pension.

Pensions survey

Around half of British adults aged between 18 and 60 (48%) said they did not have a pension. Being unable to afford a pension right now is the primary reason given for not having one (39% of those without a pension gave this reason).

There are clear differences in the take up of private pensions by gender, age and socio-economic grade. More than two thirds (67%) of adults in the AB socio-economic grades have a private pension; compared with less than a third (31%) in DE grades, according to the ComRes survey.

Perhaps most interesting for the pensions industry is the fact that one in five (21% of those without a pension) say they are investing their money in other schemes such as property and long-term savings.

A similar number of people without pensions (18%) say they don’t trust pensions companies while 14% think pensions are “too confusing” and the same proportion (14%) believe they wouldn’t get a good enough return on the money they invested.

Will you cope on your pension?