Raspberry Pi competition at Science Museum

Schools and universities have taken part in a competition for innovative projects created using a Raspberry Pi.

The awards, organised by PA Consulting Group, focused on a brief of creating projects to improve peoples health and wellbeing.

Shortlisted entries for the awards, held at the Science Museum in London on 24 March, included a robotic dog that helps motivate children to exercise, a device to monitor sleeping conditions, a posture sensor, an eye tracking mouse, and an automatic prescription dispenser.

The BBC's technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, was among the award judges.

There were four categories in the competition, a primary school award for academic years 4 to 6, a secondary school award for years 7 to 11, a sixth form and college award for years 12 to 13 and a university award. There was also a Young Entrepreneur Award.

Find out more about the entries for the competition and see previous year's winners on the PA Consulting Group site.

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