When Simon met Springsteen

Simon meets Springsteen...

How Springsteen showed us he's The Boss

To celebrate Simon meeting Springsteen we raided the BBC archives for more proof (if it was ever needed) to show that Springsteen really is The Boss

1. Who gets to photograph Bruce?

When aspiring photographer Eric Meola first saw Bruce perform he was blown away, and made it his ambition to "somehow photograph this guy". Here he tells the story of how he got access to Springsteen and ended up taking the iconic album cover of the 1975 classic "Born to Run".

2. The music that unites us

Can music really break down barriers? Yes says author Erik Kirschbaum; in 1988 Bruce played a concert in East Berlin to 300,000 young people, stirring up the stagnant anti-wall sentiment. Just over a year later, the wall was gone.

3. When Bruce makes you late for school...

Everyone knows that when The Boss comes to town, normal life goes on hold. Even if it’s a school night. So when his daughters were late to school following a Springsteen concert, fan Patrick Pipino wrote to the teacher and decided that honesty was a completely appropriate approach.

4. Would Bruce Springsteen fancy you?

Few artists have had best selling authors put pen to paper in their honour but Pam Ayres asks the question on everyone's lips...Do you think Bruce Springsteen would fancy me? Pam met Simon Mayo to discuss.

5. ...and he crowd surfs too

Springsteen concerts are famous for running to well over 3 hours, but he took one New Jersey show to another level by reviving the lost art of crowd surfing.