By Isla Baker, aged 9

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be ignored? Well, that’s exactly how I feel......

When I try to move, people pick me up put me back in the corner. My toe is always sore from being continually stood on. People treat me like rubbish.There was a time when I shone. A time when everyone wanted to be my friend. A time when everyone wanted a piece of me. Now here I am, all alone standing in the corner. I open my mouth to speak but as normal, I get hit on the head as if they don’t want to listen to me!

I’ve had enough, so I decide to make a protest. I creep towards the fridge but as soon as I get there I am picked up and put back were I belong. So next, I decide to hide to teach them a lesson. I hide in the cupboard under the stairs and watch through a crack in the door. Day by day more and more rubbish piles up in the corner. Then half the room becomes full of stinking left overs and packaging. Then something quite unexpected started to happen. I looked to my right and there is the cheese grater, I looked to my left and there is the egg cup, the hot water bottle and the CD player, I was astonished to see them. They told me to take a proper look around and guess what I found ? I found the disgusting dust pan, some sticky spice jars, a manky mop, a forgotten fire extinguisher and row after row of nervous looking used toothpicks. I looked closely at their chests and saw each one wearing a badge made out of bottle tops with my shining image on it and the words ‘ Vive la kitchen revolution!’

OMG! I am a revolutionary! I have accidentally started something and now these ordinary kitchen utensils are looking up to me as their leader!

I must be strong. I must be what they need me to be. We are the forgotten, mistreated, undervalued citizens of this house no more. And so, I do what any other brave leader in my position would do............I have a little cry and leak a bit of bin juice onto the floor. The manky mop sees my embarrassment and quickly mops away my tears.

Then with the strength of my comrades around me, I lead them out onto the battlefield. One by one my comrades use the footstool to hop up and jump inside me. I carry them tirelessly up the bone knackering stairs to where the householders lie snoring. Using the courageous duck tape we heroically bind the humans into their beds. Layer after layer of tape is stretched around them until they look completely mummified. When the job is done we look at our work with pride, and all skipped together handle in handle off down to the local charity shop to start our new lives......

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