Information for Parents

This section gives help to parents who are interested in helping their child play the Adventure Games.

My child wants to play the Adventure Games - what are they?

Since The Adventure Games need to be installed on a computer, we ask that children check with an adult before installing it.

About the game:

The Adventure Games are a series of downloadable games for Doctor Who. These games are free to download and install in the UK. In the games you play as the Doctor and take part in an adventure which will require you to solve puzzles, defeat monsters and explore locations in time and space.

There's no sign-on or registration required. Players do need to enter their name so that multiple players can play on the same machine, but no personal information is passed to the BBC.

It's not just a game:

The Gunpowder Plot game will give children the chance to step back in time and interact with famous figures such as Guy Fawkes and discover what was happening at this incendiary moment in Britain's history.

The game has been designed with specific learning elements built in from the outset and allows for historical facts to be discovered through play, historical references and key objects that are woven throughout the game.

Within the previous 4 games, we have also hidden some collectible cards and facts. Although not specifically designed to encourage learning, it's a fun way to encourage your child to explore around the environments and discover hidden objects. Some of these are about Doctor Who, and some of the facts relate to the environment they are exploring. For example, at one point in the game your child might discover Nelson's Column. Clicking on it will reveal some interesting facts about Nelson and the construction of the column.