5 live-a-side terms

Terms & conditions

  1. 5 live-a-side is a fundraising event for BBC Children in Need. All players who take part in the 5 live-a-side Guinness World Record attempt will be asked to make a suggested donation of £10 to BBC Children in Need. All proceeds from this event will benefit BBC Children in Need, a company limited by guarantee (charity number 802052 in England & Wales and SC039557 in Scotland).
  2. 5 live-a-side is a Guinness World Record attempt for the ‘Most players in a 5 – a –side football exhibition match’.
  3. You must be 18 and over to take part in 5 live-a-side.
  4. When registering to take part in 5 live-a-side participants are registering individually rather than as a team.
  5. If a number of individuals from the same team apply to take part, the BBC cannot guarantee that teams will play together or at the same time.
  6. Participants may only register once for 5 live-a-side.
  7. Registration will open at 8.50am on Friday 21st September.
  8. Participants will be selected on a first come, first served basis according to the time slot chosen at registration. A limited number of places are available within each hour time slot. Unsuccessful applicants may be offered an alternative time slot if hours are undersubscribed.
  9. Only selected, fully registered participants will be able to take part in 5 live-a-side.
  10. Participants cannot choose the team they play for. Participants will be divided into teams at the discretion of 5 live-a-side staff.
  11. All players will be registered with a team before kick off in order for the record to stand.
  12. The aim of the record attempt is for the greatest number of people to actively participate in an ongoing exhibition match of the same game in the same venue. The record is to be measured by the number of total participants who actively participated in the game/match.
  13. When taking part in 5 live-a-side, players will adhere to the rules set down by Guinness World Records.
  14. Participants will be required to play at least 10 minutes of 5 – a –side football in order to comply with the rules. All record attempt rules will be available to participants on the day.
  15. Players are not guaranteed more than 10 minutes on the pitch but may be asked to play for more than 10 minutes in order to sustain the record.
  16. Players will not be asked to stay on the pitch for an unreasonable amount of time.
  17. With the exception of squad size, unlimited time and unlimited substitutions, the game must be played by all other 5-a-side rules and regulations. See http://www.fiveaside.net/rules.asp for more details.
  18. The referee’s decision is final.
  19. By taking part in 5 live-a-side, participants agree to being filmed, photographed and recorded.
  20. Participants will be asked to sign a BBC consent form on the day.
  21. Participants will be required to wear kit and footwear appropriate to the event. Participants need to make sure their kit is fit for purpose (playing on an indoor 5 – a – side pitch). No slogans, campaign messages or large logos may be worn as part of participants’ kit. 5 live-a-side event staff reserve the right to ask participants to change kit if necessary. Participants may wish to bring a plain t-shirt to play in.
  22. All participants voluntarily take part in 5 live-a-side at their own risk.
  23. Participants will be required to sign a Self Declaration of Fitness form on the day (see example below)
  24. Once a player has left the pitch they cannot return in any capacity.
  25. Participants will be asked to arrive at the venue in good time for their preferred hour slot in order to sustain the record. Participants are free to leave the venue once they have left the pitch.
  26. Participants are required to play at any position within the 5 – a – side team including goal keeper.
  27. Participants will enter and exit the pitch when requested by a member of the 5 live-a-side team.
  28. 5 live-a-side event staff reserve the right to refuse admission in reasonable circumstances.
  29. Persons will not be admitted to the event if or maybe asked to leave the event if, in the opinion of the event staff, they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or their behaviour is deemed inappropriate.
  30. No responsibility is accepted for the loss or damage of any personal property brought to the event including items left in cars.
  31. In the event of 5 live-a-side being cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, donations to BBC Children in Need will not be automatically refunded. Should you wish to have your donation refunded for any reason, please contact pudsey@bbc.co.uk.
  32. Participants who donate to BBC Children in Need but cannot then play at the event will not be not be automatically refunded. Should you wish to have your donation refunded for any reason, please contact pudsey@bbc.co.uk.

Self-declaration of fitness


This declaration should be completed by participants who are due to undertake physical tasks which require a level of fitness above that of their normal day to day activities such as personal care, walking, light lifting duties, gardening, walking up stairs, shopping, etc.

The level would be similar to an individual undertaking exercise such as running moderate distances (400 - 800m), moderate lifting (>20kg), dancing, swimming, or going to the gym, but not extreme effort such as heavy weight lifting, running long distances, intensive tasks with possible exhaustion, combat, or where there are specific medical or fitness requirements to undertake the specific task or tasks.

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number

I hereby declare that:

  1. I am currently fit and well.
  2. I have read the list of relevant medical conditions list below and none of them apply to me.
  3. I have not had to take any long term medication prescribed by a doctor in the last 12 months.
  4. In addition I am not currently under the care of my own doctor or hospital for investigation into any medical condition or symptoms.
  5. I have no undue problems taking exercise such as walking, running for a bus, swimming, lifting day to day objects or jumping from a 3ft wall.
  6. I haven’t within the last 3 months had surgery or a serious injury, including a fracture.

Relevant medical conditions list:

  • A heart attack within the last 6 months.
  • Angina/chest pain.
  • High blood pressure that is not well controlled with medication.
  • Joint problems such or arthritis in any joint, or back or neck, that stops you exercising due to pain.
  • A replacement joint e.g. hip or knee replacement.
  • Asthma which is brought on by exercise and not well controlled with medication.
  • Pregnancy.


  • Signed
  • Date signed
  • Print name

If you are not able to sign this declaration because one of the above questions 1-6 applies to you then please discuss the advisability of undertaking exercise with your own doctor and ask him/her to to confirm your fitness to participate.