We're always happy to hear from our listeners, so if you need to get in touch with us it couldn't be easier, either by phone, text, email or through the post.

How to get in touch

If there's a live programme that you'd like to contribute to or contact, you can call them while they're on air and normally get through to the production team.

To do this, call 03700 100 110 (calls cost no more than to 01 and 02 landlines), or text 81012.

Please note that if you call this number outside of the programme's broadcast hours, you probably won't be able to get through to the programme team directly.

Making contributions to programmes

Many of our programmes invite and showcase contributions from listeners - if you'd like to do this outside of programme hours we'd be happy to hear from you. Email radiowales@bbc.co.uk. Please make it clear on your correspondence which programme it is you're directing your contribution to.

Please note that as we receive a large volume of email it is not always possible to reply to all correspondence, although we endeavour to reply to all those emails which require one.

The BBC processes personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act - for more information see the BBC Privacy Policy.

Comments or complaints

If you have a general comment or complaint to make about BBC Radio Wales or a BBC Cymru Wales programme or service, you can get in touch with the BBC Cymru Wales contact centre. You can use the links below or call 03703 500 700 (weekdays 0930 - 1930 - outside of this time your call will be routed to a central BBC Contact Centre).

Link: Getting in touch with BBC Cymru Wales - FAQ

Link: Details for the BBC Cymru Wales Contact Centre

Problems with the Radio Wales website or BBC iPlayer

If you have a comment about or problem with the BBC Radio Wales website, email us: radio.wales@bbc.co.uk

For problems with BBC iPlayer (Listening to radio programmes live and online on desktop, mobile web or via an App), it's always first worth checking out the Help / Frequently Asked Questions pages in the iPlayer Help section, as this often resolves any problems that are being experienced.

Link: iPlayer Help

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