Build it Scotland

A selection of the buildings and landmarks submitted so far, with some recent additions. Can you spot yours?

Build It Scotland presents The Bright Spark Series

Sculptor and designer of the Kelpies, Andy Scott.

Do you love building? Then maybe one of these jobs is for you!

Our series of short profile films uncover the links between gaming and digital building, and a range of exciting STEM related jobs.

Build It Scotland at BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay

What is Build It Scotland?

Build it Scotland allows you to design and build a range of landmarks using 3D design software such as Minecraft, Tinkercad or Sketchup using PCs, laptops or Raspberry Pi's.

A variety of Build it Scotland resources allow you to do this and can be used in conjunction with current projects like 2017's Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

Build it Scotland was launched in 2016. We marked Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design by encouraging budding architects to find out more about the nation’s popular landmark buildings including Stirling Castle, the Kelpies, Glasgow’s Armadillo and the Forth Bridges.

Even though our project has now come to a close, our step by step instructions and accompanying video tutorials are still available.

When Netty came to Play!

A look back at Build It Scotland