10 things we learned backstage at Big Weekend

1. When 5 Seconds of Summer hitch a ride on the back of your buggy, you ROLL with it.

2. Snoop Dogg doesn't care, he loves Charli XCX AND Norwich City FC...

3. We all know gravity can’t hold Ella Eyre down... now here's photographic proof.

4. Grimmy’s rap debut on stage with Olly Murs was the result of lots of rehearsals and hard work!

5. Fall Out Boy love Norwich's finest export...mustard.

6. David Guetta is so hot right now...

7. When you're playing at Big Weekend, you might as well go check out the competition!

8. Florence + The Machine's little bro JJ is studying in Norwich and his house was where was the after party was AT!

9. The Big Weekend canteen cookies were enough for Greg and Matt...

...but the Foo Fighters' dining experience was on a WHOLE other level!

10. And finally... Greg James really, REALLY loves ball pools.