If you didn't get the GCSE results you were hoping for, don't panic. You've still got lots of options...

Have an honest chat with your teachers before resitting

What do I do now?

There's no need to panic, you have lots of choices. Don't rush into a decision - think carefully and talk to your parents and teachers about your options.

Can I resit?

You can resit English and Maths GCSEs in November, but you can't do the rest until the summer. You can't resit any SQA exams. You can however be presented again for the same course by your school or college in the following academic year. In certain circumstances, you may be eligible for an appeal.

If you only need to resit a few exams, you might be able to do it alongside AS levels, Highers or BTECS.

Have an honest chat with your teachers before resitting. Many people do much better when they resit, but if your teacher doesn't think you can improve it might not be worth it. It can also be lonely if all your mates are going on to do other things.

Can I still do AS levels?

It depends how low your grades are. Talk to the college that offered you a place and ask if they'll accept you with lower grades.

If they say no, contact other colleges to see if you can study there instead. Alternatively, consider taking a vocational course, as they have lower entry requirements.

What about Scottish Highers?

You can't usually take a subject at Higher with less than a Grade 2 at Standard Grade or a B at Intermediate 2. If you got Grade 3-4 in your Standard Grades, you could study at Intermediate 2 level and then progress to Higher. If you got grade 5-7, you should be able to take Intermediate 1 level.

If you really think you're capable of taking a higher level than your SQA results will allow, talk to the college that offered you a place and ask if they'll accept you at the level you want with lower grades.

Alternatively, consider taking a vocational course.

What vocational courses can I do?

BTECs, SVQs and Cambridge Nationals are a mix of theory and practical work based around a career you're interested in. They often have an element of work experience too. There are hundreds to choose from and some are accepted by universities.

Can I get a job?

Yes, but find out if your results will get you the sort of job you want. If not, can you work your way up? If you have the right attitude and personality many employers will offer you training. An alternative is an apprenticeship, which will let you learn while you earn.

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