The Owl Who Wanted to Howl

By Grace Talbot, aged 9

Henry Owl lived in the big old oak with his two little sister Poppy and Rosie and his parents. At the base of the tree lived a pack of wild wolves who were all very ferocious apart from Henry's best friend Johnny Wolf. They were the best of friends and every night, as they were nocturnal, Henry would fly down and 'Hoot hoot!' until Johnny Wolf woke up.

Now, Henry had a secret, a big secret. He felt silly saying 'hoot' and longed to howl like his friend. No one knew except Johnny who had recently been giving his friend howling lessons. It wasn't going well, the best Henry could manage was 'twit twowl' which sounded pretty silly.

One day Henry was eating his dinner of mouse stew when he heard the wolves howling to the moon. His little beak fell and a tear came to his eye. What's up bro? Tweeted his little sisters. 'I am an owl but I wish I could howl' said Henry wiping his beak with his wing. 'Owls don't howl' giggled his little sisters. 'Now now' said mother owl. 'Owl's don't howl but they do twit twoo better than any other creature in the forest.' Father owl agreed 'That's right son, now eat up your stew as it is getting cold then you can go out to play'.

Henry thought, 'I want to howl but I can only twit twoo, what must I do?' He went to find Johnny Wolf- it was easy, he just followed the howl. 'Twit twowl' shouted Henry, some of the older wolves sniggered which made him feel stupid so he flew away and hid. There where many hiding places in the forest, his favourite being an old abandoned rabbits burrow, so he flew down into the hole, curled up and started to cry. when he had finished he tried once again to howl it sounded a bit like this: twitowl! Its a bit better than last time but still not a howl he thought and he fell asleep.

Meanwhile, back at the big old oak his family were worried and Father Owl flew out to look for Henry. Back in the burrow Henry was snoring which when you are and owl sounds like 'haah-twoo'. Henry was a very loud snorer. Father Owl followed the sound and found his son in the burrow. 'Wake up Henry we've been so worried, what are you doing down here all alone?' Henry told his Dad everything, sobbing as he spoke of being an owl who couldn't howl. 'But son, your twit-twoo is how I knew it was you, Owl's can't howl but they can twit twoo and fly and swoop- that's what makes you you.'

Henry felt happy, he smiled and said 'So all I have to be is me! I'm really good at that!'

He flew off to find Johnny Wolf and they hooted and howled for the rest of the night and every night after that. Everyone loved the sound.

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