F.M. Alexander portrait

This is a portrait of the man behind the Alexander Technique, F.M. Alexander.

Alexander’s parents were sent to Australia in the 1880s as convicts as a result of an agricultural uprising. He was the eldest of nine children and was privately tutored.

He became a Shakespearian actor and suffered with recurring sore throats. He could get rid of these by looking in a mirror with his head held forward and up. He decided to put his particular technique for posture into practice and moved to England.

Alexander died in 1955 and is considered one of the Top 200 Australians. This is recognised by a plaque at Table Cape in Tasmania where he lived. The portrait was painted by the Australian artist Colahan to commemorate Alexander’s 80th birthday and is worth £5,000.

Did you know? In 2008 researchers in the UK found that long-term back pain sufferers can experience relief by adopting good posture through the Alexander technique.