Audition FAQs

The Voice UK Series 2 - Auditions

Audition Applications for The Voice UK Series 2 are now CLOSED, for those of you that have applied please see the FAQ’s below.

Please check below to see if your question is answered. If you're still unsure you can contact the casting team by email: (copy and paste the address into a new email)

Can I audition if I am under the age of 16?

NO. You MUST be 16 years old by or before 31st August 2012 in order to audition. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Can I audition if I am not a UK Citizen?

You do not have to be currently living in the UK. However you must have the right to live and work in the UK in order to participate in the programme and should you win the contest in order to take up the prize.

What is the address for my Open Audition?

Venue details will be sent to you when you receive your Audition Invite.

If you have received a confirmation email you have been registered for an Open Audition, and you will receive all the details you need approximately two weeks before your Audition date.

Can I change my assigned open audition day?

NO. The day you are assigned on your Audition invite is the only day you can attend the Open Audition.

How long will my Open Audition be?

There will be waiting so please plan to be at the Audition all day just in case. We will endeavour to make your Open Audition as quick as possible but please do not make any plans for the rest of the day after your audition in case there are hold ups. Please note that performance time with the producers may vary.

Are the Open Auditions in front of the coaches?

NO. COACHES OR PRESENTERS WILL NOT BE AT THE OPEN AUDITIONS! The Open Auditions are with The Voice UK casting team. There will be no coaches or presenters present. Open Auditions will be filmed for the casting team but are unlikely to be broadcast. You will have to make it to the Blind Audition stage before you have a chance of appearing on the programme.

Can I bring friends and family to the audition with me?

Family, friends, managers, vocal instructors, etc. will NOT be allowed at the Open Audition. If you are 16 or 17, one (1) parent or guardian will be allowed with you at the audition.

If you are disabled you may bring someone along to assist you. Please email with details.

Can I bring friends and family to queue outside with me while I wait to Audition?

No, the venues reserve the right to prevent queues from forming. To avoid disappointment, please don’t bring them.

Is there anything else I need to bring besides my "Audition Invite"?

Your “Audition Invite” will include a link to a Release Form covering the terms of your Open Audition and a Questionnaire. If you wish to participate in the Open Auditions, you MUST sign and bring the Release Form along with you to the Open Auditions, together with the COMPLETED Questionnaire, and your photo ID. If you are under 18 years old at the time of your Open Audition, you MUST have the signature and a contact number from a parent or legal guardian on your Release Form confirming Parental Consent to the terms of those documents.

What ID can I bring and what if I do not have photo ID?

Please bring your passport or photo driving licence. If you do not have photo ID, you must bring a Birth Certificate. In the event that you attend the audition without a form of ID, we reserve the right to ask for further proof of your identity before you can proceed through the contest.

If I am auditioning as a duo, should we register separately or together?

If you are auditioning as a duo, you only need to register once with one primary contact for you both. When you get your "Audition Invite" emailed to you before your audition, there will be a link to a Release Form, and a Questionnaire. Please print out 2 copies of each document and fill out one each and bring them with you to your Open Audition. If one or both of you is/ are under 18, you must get your Release Form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Please note that if you audition as a duo we reserve the right to only take only one of you through to the next stage of the competition.

Will there be more audition cities announced?

At the moment Open Auditions are only taking place in the cities listed on the Audition application page. If you want to attend you must register and travel to one of the audition cities.

When will I receive my Audition Invite?

Approximately two weeks before your audition you will receive an email with your Audition Invite and all the details you need.

How can I cancel my Audition?

Please contact the casting team if you wish to cancel your audition.

I am under 18; do I need to have a parent or guardian with me at my audition?

No but you must have a Release Form with you signed by a parent or legal guardian, and a contact number for them .If you are aged 16-17 you are allowed to bring one parent/guardian if you want to. You will however need a parent, legal guardian or nominated adult with you if you make it through to the Call Back stage.

What do I need to prepare for my Audition?

All details regarding the Audition process will be sent to you with your Audition Invite.

If I am selected for the next stage, when will it be?

If you are successful at the Open Auditions, ‘Callbacks’ will be held in Oct/ Nov where you will be required to audition again. Please make it clear to the casting team if you are going to be unavailable at any time.

I have been contacted by an outside company charging a fee to audition.

DO NOT PAY THEM. These companies are in NO WAY affiliated with the casting auditions for The Voice UK. There is not an admittance fee for any of the open auditions.

I have registered my details but have not received a confirmation email?

Check your junk mail in case it is stuck and only apply once - more than one application from the same person will be ignored.

I have applied and have followed a link to confirm my email address in an email sent to me, but I have not yet received a confirmation email.

The email you received with a link to confirm your email address, is the email which confirms your application. You will not be sent the audition invite until approximately two weeks before your audition which will detail the date and location of your Audition, together with a link to the documents which need to be completed for your Audition.

If you have not had an audition invite by Friday 10th August please get in touch here

Can I apply using my stage name?

You must apply using your legal name matching your photo ID, not your stage name. You will be able to use your stage name if you make it through the Blind Auditions. If you have already applied using your stage name, you can amend your application at the registration desk when you arrive for your Audition.

Which song genres / singing voices are you looking for?

We are looking for all genres and sounds. The Auditions are for all singing voices and you need to sing the genre that suits you best.

Can I bring an instrument to the Audition?

You may bring an INSTRUMENTAL backing track on CD or iPod, or an instrument you can carry and play yourself i.e. an acoustic guitar. A keyboard will be available at the audition venue should you need it.

What time shall I arrive for my Audition?

Please only arrive at the time stated on your Audition Invite. If you arrive early you will be turned away and refused entry until your pre-advised time slot.

What happens if I miss my Audition time?

Your time slot is the only opportunity you will have to audition for The Voice. If you miss this time you will not be able to audition and you will not be given another slot.

I have commitments in 2013; will the programme be flexible if I get through?

The programme is working to a strict schedule and all applicants will need to work to the schedule in order to participate. If you are successful you will be given full details of when you will need to be available in the future.

Is there a list of songs that I have to sing for the audition?

No, but you must have at least two songs prepared which are well known, have charted, reflect you as an artist and obviously show off your voice. We recommend you don’t sing your own compositions.

Is everyone who enters guaranteed an Audition?

Everyone who enters is guaranteed an Audition at the Open Auditions. All Applicants will be auditioned by a vocal coach and a member of The Voice UK team. Please bear in mind that audition time with a Casting Producer will vary.

Can I apply to audition for The Voice UK if I’ve already applied for The Voice in another country?

If your application is still pending in another country then you cannot apply for The Voice UK. However, if you have been rejected by another country’s ‘The Voice’ then you are free to apply for the UK version.

Can I apply if I have a manager?

Yes. However, if you have a current record label deal you must be free to take up the prize. You will be asked to disclose the details of any talent contract on the Questionnaire (eg. Recording, Management, Publishing, Sponsorship or Merchandising deal) so we can ensure that it would not conflict with your participation in The Voice.