Frequently Asked Questions

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Question Time is usually broadcast on Thursday evenings on BBC One after the late news (and slightly later in Northern Ireland). Repeats are usually broadcast in the following days on BBC Two and BBC Parliament.

You can also catch up with previous episodes via BBC iPlayer, and listen to the most recent debate in full via BBC Radio 5 live.

Question Time is recorded in front of a live audience from around 2030 each Thursday. The reasons for not broadcasting live later are to limit inconvenience to spectators and guests (enabling them to appear on the programme at locations across the country and still return to their homes at a reasonable hour) and maximise the number of leading politicians and political commentators willing to take part in the programme.

The recording is done in a single take, precisely as if it were broadcast live. Some exchanges occasionally have to be edited out for legal or taste/decency reasons.

Any text messages sent in during the programme’s broadcasts are live responses to the guests’ remarks as they are broadcast and the subsequent text exchanges on Red Button are also live.

Guests are not warned in advance about questions to be asked.

Question Time programmes are available on BBC iPlayer in the UK for 365 days following transmission.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to provide individual transcripts of every programme.

Again, we don’t have the resources to provide individual tapes of items on the programme.

To make a formal complaint about Question Time or any other BBC programme or service, please visit the BBC Complaints website

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