Lee Mead swaps Casualty for Holby City and Jaye Jacobs returns to the wards

Lee Mead is set to resurrect the role of his well-known Casualty character Ben ‘Lofty’ Chiltern on the Keller ward of Holby City. Last year viewers saw Lofty leaving Casualty after resigning from his post to retrain as a bereavement counsellor in palliative care and head to Australia for a break. However, despite his return, is he still running away from his problems?

“I’m really excited to be coming back as Lofty, I’ve missed him!" Lee told us. "I’m looking forward to being in a new part of the Holby hospital and seeing what it has in store for him next.”

The Holby City team will also see the return of Jaye Jacobs as fun-loving nurse Donna Jackson who left the wards in 2011.

With her new footballer husband and expensive car, she insists she is simply being a Good Samaritan coming back to work. But is all as it seems?
“Donna and I have unfinished business.," Jaye Jacobs explained. "She's flirty, brash and ballsy. I've missed her!”

Ayesha Dharker (Star Wars, Waterloo Road) will also join the cast as Ms Nina Karnik, a tough but compassionate general surgeon who also calls herself Mrs. Matteo Rossini. Ayesha’s arrival will be followed by David Ajao (EastEnders, Sunny D) as new F1 and boyishly enthusiastic Dr. Damon Ford.

Simon Harper, Acting Executive Producer for Holby City and Casualty, confessed that he was “beyond excited to welcome onto the wards two new faces, a returning face and a much loved Casualty character. It's thrilling to bring Jaye back as the sparky, irreverent Donna, one of the most popular and iconic Holby characters ever and equally so to have Lee make the ‘trip upstairs’ as Lofty. Keller Ward is going through some dark times, so Lofty's trademark warmth and kindness will come at just the right moment. We’ve been trying to tempt the talented Ayesha with the right role for a while, and as Nina, she plays an emotionally compelling character with a mysterious past. David is a really exciting new talent who in his brilliant audition brought Damon’s energy and idealism to life.”

Lee, Jaye, Ayesha and David will start filming with the Holby City team over the next couple of weeks and fans will see them on-screen from Spring 2017.