Which household jobs should you do every day?

Most of us don’t enjoy cleaning. We don’t want to spend any more time doing it than is absolutely necessary. But are there really things around the house that we should clean every day?

The answer is yes, according to a new checklist. It says some chores should be done daily, while others can wait up to six months or even a year! (Yippee!) You & Yours have been taking a look at what's on the list.

Daily tasks

According to Good Housekeeping's research, we should be making our beds, cleaning the toilet and washing the dishes every single day.

Monthly tasks

Once a month you should aim to clean your windows, wash your doormats and clean the dishwasher.

Every six months?

Vacuum your mattress, clean the fridge and the oven.

Once a year

You can rest easy, the chores that only need to be carried out once a year include cleaning the window frames, gutters and lightbulbs.

Good Housekeeping's consumer director Caroline Bloor spoke to You and Yours and answered the million-dollar question - does anyone really vacuum their mattress?