A Robin's Tale

By Bethan Rose Shuttleworth, aged 9

You gazed at me through the misted window, your eyes wide with wonder, your mouth full of silence; I had obviously captured your attention. So, I bowed my head and preened my crimson chest standing out against the rest of my dusty feathers like a berry in a forest. Puffing out my chest, I raised my head in pride. Your mouth fell open in awe. I caught sight of shimmering cat like eyes darting in your sockets; I had brought out amazement from the depths of your soul.

Suddenly, I saw you frantically pointing and gesticulating with your hands. I glanced desperately behind me only to see a looming figure of a squirrel advancing upon me. A shiver ran down my back. You were biting your nails and chewing your lips in anxiety. Consequently I spread my wings and the split second the squirrel leaped, his limbs flailing and his tail circulating , I soured, as free as a plane, leaving the squirrel and disaster behind in the past. Cheering wildly, you encouraged me. I did loop the loops and tricks beyond compare, my confidence and your whoops leading me into the painted, clear blue sky. Then I journeyed back to the colossal pine tree where I lived with my chicks. In the distance I briefly saw you wave your pale hands at my rapidly disappearing back.

Next morning, my chicks were getting restless with hunger, nearing the brink of starvation. I was desperate when I reached your garden, frantically scavenging for food, my chicks breakfast. All of a sudden I caught a glimpse of you through the window. You were smiling, perched on a seat, pointing to a corner near the bird feeder. My eyes grew wide as they devoured the sight of what my chicks would soon be gratefully consuming with enthusiastic relish. A large chunk of bread and handfuls of raisins and oats lay in a pile. I sent you a silent thanks, but I meant it; this was the best feast of a lifetime. I knew where I could rely on a trusty source of food. The grin on your face spread wide, as mine on my beak did too.

Five minutes later, I arrived at our nest with my grand food burden bearing me down. My chicks gobbled it, enjoying every morsel. I give you thanks and wish you luck. For this I am grateful. As grateful as any Robin could ever be.

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