By Jacob Atkin, aged 9

Long ago, in the far north of Switzerland, well before your uncle was born, there lived a small boy called Rupert Nice. He really was the nicest boy in town, and it was a really nice town! It wasn’t called Nicetown for nothing. But even nice towns can have problems.

The trouble began with the bank robbery. The bank had been there for 200 years and never been robbed before. Then one cold January morning the bank manager arrived to find that all of the money had gone. Nothing left in fact but a feint smell of banana.

The police didn’t have a clue.

But this was not the end, in fact it was just the beginning.

A week later the jeweller’s got cleaned out and 3 days after that computer store got hit. In each case all that was left was a feint banana smell.

The best idea that the police had was that the robbers wore banana after-shave.

Rupert Nice however had a much better idea.

The only shop that had not been robbed was the famous Mr Simm’s sweet shop. Rupert loved that shop and could not let it be cleaned out.

So he hid outside the shop inside an old cardboard box. It was uncomfortable but it was worth it to save his favourite sweets.

It was going dark at about seven o’clock and Rupert felt a bit scared being out on his own so late. Then suddenly he detected a feint smell of banana!

He looked through a slit in the side of the box and saw the criminal moving towards the old sweet shop. It was tall, curved and yellow.

It wasn’t human, it wasn’t even a mammal, it wasn’t an animal of any sort.

It was a giant criminal banana!

Rupert rushed into the shop and got some strawberry laces, he tied them round the banana and pulled it over onto the pavement.

The banana was quite strong and Rupert couldn’t hold it for long.

There was only one thing for it.

Rupert slowly peeled down the skin and despite the banana’s screams Rupert tucked in.

Rupert Nice had solved the crime but only he ever knew.

Because by the time the police arrived all that was left was a feint smell of banana.

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