We Want to See Your Hidden Talents

Can you eat a chocolate éclair in 5 seconds? Do you have unusually strong thumbs? Can you identify the model of a car just by hearing the engine? We want you to show us!

Matt's Hidden Talent

One of the best-loved parts of the Matt Lucas Awards is when our guests show us their hidden talents.

For our Christmas special we’d love you to send us a video of your hidden talent. Watch Matt’s video to hear a bit more about why we want to see your clips and see a demonstration of Matt’s very own hidden talent. 

Your hidden talent could be anything – we want you to surprise us with what you can do. The best ones could end up being featured on the programme!

Please keep your clips brief – a minute maximum. Keep it clean - no swearing, no nudity and nothing in bad taste (Matt’s Mum might be watching!)

We don’t mind how you record it, you could do on a mobile phone if you like; we just want to see your skills!

Once you’ve recorded your clip simply upload it to a video sharing website and then send us a link so we can watch it.