Celebrity Laps:

Series 8 - 14

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Each week we invite a different famous person to our studio for a bit of a chat. But, before that, they have to complete a timed lap around our infamous test track and become a 'star in a reasonably priced car'.

For season 8 onwards we've retired the Liana and replaced it with the awesome Chevrolet Lacetti, which, believe it or not, is even more powerful. As a result we've had to start a whole new lap board. But don't worry; you can still view all the old Suzuki Liana lap times from series 1 - 7 here.

CelebrityTime (mins)
Jay Kay1.45.8
Brian Johnson1.45.9
Kevin McCloud1.45.9
Simon Cowell1.45.9
Jennifer Saunders1.46.1
Michael Sheen1.46.3
Gordon Ramsay1.46.38
Usain Bolt1.46.5
Peter Jones1.46.9
Trevor Eve1.47.09
Peter Firth1.47.1
Lawrence Dellaglio1.47.4
Les Ferdinand1.47.41
Eric Bana1.47.5
Jamie Oliver1.47.68 (wet)
Hugh Grant1.47.7
Well spoken man (James Hewitt)1.47.69
Ewan McGregor1.48.0
Rupert Penry-Jones1.48.1
Chris Evans1.48.1
Billie Piper1.48.3
James Blunt1.48.4 (wet)
Justin Hawkins1.48.44
Simon Pegg1.48.5
Theo Paphitis1.48.5
Mark Wahlberg1.48.7
Michael McIntyre1.48.7
David Tennant1.48.8
Jay Leno1.48.8
Will Young1.48.9
Sir Michael Parkinson1.49.4
Ronnie Wood1.49.5
Harry Enfield1.49.7
Sienna Miller1.49.8
Jools Holland1.49.9
Sir Michael Gambon1.50.3
Alan Davies1.50.3
Steve Coogan1.50.9 (hot)
Stephen Fry1.51.0
Alan Carr1.51.2
Ray Winstone1.51.4 (hot)
Keith Allen1.51.7 (wet)
Rob Brydon1.51.7 (wet)
Justin Lee Collins1.51.8
Seasick Steve1.51.8 (wet)
Tom Jones1.52.2
Guy Ritchie1.52.5 (wet)
Dame Helen Mirren1.52.8
James Corden1.53.4 (wet)
Kristin Scott Thomas1.54.0
Philip Glenister1.54.3 (wet)
Kate Silverton1.54.7 (wet)
Rick Wakeman1.55.26
Boris Johnson1.57.4
Fiona Bruce1.57.4 (wet)
Brian Cox2.01.0
Jimmy Carr2.08.91