Download wallpapers

Twelve stills from the brilliant Science Club animations to use as desktop wallpapers.

To first view the images, click on the links below to open them in your browser window (the image on the right shows Wallpaper 8).

To download the images, right click on the links and 'Save Target...' or similar.

Animations by 12foot6 for the BBC.

Wallpaper 1, from Inheritance (1.1MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 2, from Physics (1.4MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 3, from Physics (1.2MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 4, from Physics (1.8MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 5, from Physics (1.7MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 6, from Exploration (1.2MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 7, from Exploration (1MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 8, from Brain (1.4MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 9, from Brain (1.1MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 10, from Brain (1.4MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 11, from Music (1.2MB/1920x1080/JPEG)

Wallpaper 12, from Music (1.2MB/1920x1080/JPEG)


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