Welcome to Holby City, Wendy! Tell us about Amy…

Amy’s a Consultant Pharmacist. She is extremely qualified but has chosen to be at ground zero, working in trauma alongside doctors and consultants to provide the best possible care in terms of drugs and treatment. She also engages with patients to discuss what their needs are, not solely from a medical point of view, but also a personal one. She’s a key member of the team.

She’s a brilliantly strong character – is that a lot of fun to play?

Sure – Amy gets to be quite bossy and is very passionate about what she does, which can be fun to play, especially ordering the boys about. But nothing in life goes smoothly, even for strong characters, so that’s interesting too.

As Raf says, Amy ‘knows her onions’…

Raf’s right, she does know her onions when it comes to her work – this is what she studied for and she’s not forgotten a thing. At work, she is perceptive, intuitive and particularly skilled at staying on top of everyone’s needs.

As for her personal life – that’s a different story. You can’t study for that one …

What’s her relationship with husband Raf like then?

It’s pretty intense. They are both achievers and treat each other as equals in the relationship. It’s what they like about each other, but that can be combustible – who’s on top at any one time? They want to be partners but it’s hard to avoid being competitors sometimes. That can be a turn on – and a turn off too, so it’s pretty intense.

They've got two cats that they've spoilt horribly though!

In your first episode we see that Amy loves children. Is starting a family on the cards?

They both love children and the subject is out there. They want to, but it hasn’t happened yet. Like anyone who’s committed to their work in this day and age, it seems like an impossible balance so they keep postponing the question. How long can they keep doing that? I don’t know…

There’s clearly a spark between her and Harry too… But is she simply leading him on?Amy doesn’t lead people on. She’s too serious for that but isn't a prude. But does she always know exactly what she’s doing both at work and in her personal life? That’s not so clear.

What’s been the best thing for you about joining the cast of Holby City?

They are game for anything.

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