Find out more about This Week

We are on air 35 times a year on Thursday nights live from 11.35pm from the BBC Westminster studio (also used for Daily Politics and some BBC Parliament shows).

The first episode was in 2003 - most shows have seen Andrew Neil host the panel of Michael Portillo and Diane Abbott, although she left the show in 2010 but still returns for occasional shows.

We are on BBC One from 11.35pm on Thursdays - viewers in Wales and Northern Ireland often see thw show with a 30-min delay. It is repeated on BBC Parliament at 6pm on Fridays, and also on the Iplayer for seven days.

Selected clips are on our BBC website, Facebook page and twitter sites. Unlike the iplayer versions, these clips are available outside the UK and should not expire. Most can be embedded on blogs. Sometimes, material is restricted for copyright reasons. We do not have the resources to provide transcripts of shows.

You are watching the wrong show, and probably thinking of the Daily Politics. This Week offers no prizes or merchandise to buy, steal or win!

If you think we got something wrong, you can start a formal complaint, online, by telephone on 03700 100222 or via a letter to BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922, Darlington, DL3 0UR

People often ask to come on This Week, however most of our guests are politicians, or famous people and we approach them to join us. Also, we don't have an audience in the tiny studio, but some atill ask to come and watch. Unfortunately, our studio is not open to the public.

We stick to the same format most weeks (not the last one before Christmas or the summer break though).
We start with a film about a big issue of the week by a guest who will then debate it with our penal.
A print or broadcast journalist presents a look at the political headlines of the week with a sketch film, before the panel debate the week's biggest stories.
And we end with our spotlight section, where a famous face debates an item which is often more light-hearted, but sometimes has a serious tone.