Frequently Asked Questions about the Listening Project on the BBC, the website and the uploading tool.

We want everyone to have a chance for their conversation to become part of the Listening Project. A conversation that you have at your kitchen table could become part of the oral history archive in the British Library.

For a step by step guide see our Planning and Recording Your Conversation page.

Edited versions of conversations will be broadcast on Radio 4 on Fridays from 30th March. An omnibus edition will air on Sundays.

All broadcast conversations will be available on this site, along with a free download of the weekly omnibus programme.

Local radio stations across the UK and Northern Ireland will also create their own rich and varied Listening Project programming. More information about the radio stations involved can be found on our stations page. 

For information about the BBC radio stations participating in the Listening Project please see our stations page.

What you talk about is completely up to you. This project is about creating space for you and a loved one to have the conversation you always meant to have. We're keen to hear from as many people discussing as many different types of things as possible.

As a parent and guardian you can upload a conversation on the behalf of someone under 16.

You will need permission from all those participating in a conversation before you submit it to the Listening Project.

Nobody under 16 must upload to the site (a guardian, family member, teacher or carer must upload on behalf of young people).

Please upload the unedited version of your conversation to the Listening Project.

You are free to hold and record as many conversations as you like, but you can only upload three a month.

We very much hope to use your conversation, but can’t guarantee to do so.

If you would like to share your conversation with your friends and family there are a number of audio sharing websites and platforms on which you can do this. Details can be found in our guide to preparing and recording your conversation.

If you’re having any trouble uploading, please email and we’ll try our best to assist you.

Unfortunately we can currently only accept conversations from people based in the UK.

BBC iD is the sign in system across the BBC and signing up to it is completely free. We need to store certain details about you so that you don't have to repeatedly resend information if you upload more than one Listening Project conversation. Registering also enables us to get in touch with you should we need to.

BBC iD is in use on sites and services such as iPlayer message board and all other services that require a user to register or sign in. Our aim is to provide users with a single sign on system for all the BBC services they use across current and new platforms. For example, customisations and preferences you set on the website can be carried across to digital television and mobile services.

For more information about BBC iD take a look at their help pages.

If you can't remember the username or password which you set up to log into your BBC iD membership, please read this advice from BBC iD.

We understand that your personal details and confidentiality are very important. All the personal information that you provide us will be stored securely and will not be shared with third parties without your permission. When you submit your conversation to the Listening Project you will have the option to allow us to pass on details about your conversation to the British Library for archival purposes. For further information please see the Listening Project Terms & Conditions which detail what the BBC and the British Library will do with your conversation and data.

We are only able to accept audio files in MP3 format. Any other format will be rejected. We recommend that the bit rate of your recordings is 128kbps mono, to ensure that your filesize is not too big for our uploader.

We recommend a conversation length of 20-30 minutes - we are unable to accept conversations any longer than this.