BBC Fresh: Profiles

Profiles of BBC Fresh film-makers, as well directors, producers and other top industry experts.

Nada Abdulla

Nada Abdulla is a PhD student in visual anthropology and specialises in making ethnographic films.

Aneel Ahmad

Aneel Ahmad is a self-taught film-maker who started out by making low budget films featuring his friends.

Ibrahim Ahmed

Student film-maker Ibrahim Ahmed talks about what inspired him to make his documentary short Khat.

Alex Ash

Film-maker Alex Ash explains why he focused on boxing for his BBC Fresh submission.

Kirsty Ashton MBE

Kirsty Ashton discusses how she plans to raise awareness of neurofibromatosis.

Fran Baker

Documentary maker Fran Baker talks about how her career in television began.

James Barnes

James Barnes' interest in mountain biking inspired him to make his film Above All Heights.

Albert Bonet

Albert Bonet talks about his Catalan identity and what inspired his two short films.

Dee Boyle

Film-maker Dee Boyle talks about interviewing Sir Ian McKellen and capturing the FoylePride parade.

Ollie Bradley-Baker and Max Tillotson Home

Ollie Bradley-Baker and Max Tillotson Home were keen to highlight their passion for windsurfing in their BBC Fresh film.

Jaha Browne

Jaha Browne tells how an inspirational teacher on her university course motivated her to start filming documentaries.

Zoe Callan

Zoe Callan has produced and directed a number of documentary films for the BBC and Channel 4.

Ed Chappell

Ed Chappell created a film about a young circus perfomer and his fire poi skills.

Shanshan Chen

Shanshan Chen made a film about a Chinese engineering student who is defying traditional gender roles.

Philip Coleman

Philip Coleman made a highly personal film about his own experiences with anxiety attacks.

Joelle David

Joelle David wants to make a series of videos under the Hidden Talents banner.

John Evans

John Evans' observational film looks at the issue of domestic violence from the perspective of victims and support workers.

Hayley Dean and Jo Gill

Film-makers Hayley Dean and Jo Gill gave their contributor Jack a strong voice within their film.

Amy Eglen

Student film-maker Amy Eglen thinks cosplay needs more appreciation that it gets - and aimed to recify that by making a film about it.

Amee Fairbank

Amee Fairbank made a film about women succeeding in male-dominated industries.

Robin Fearon

Film-maker Robin Fearon has had two films on very different subjects showcased on BBC Fresh.

Joe Fellows

Joe Fellows chose to make a film focusing on his brother, whose childhood fall from a sycamore inspired a life in the trees.

Kris Forrest and Chris Seager

Kris Forrest and Chris Seager embraced the challenge of constructing a strong narrative for their documentary Peaks of Life.

Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancox

Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancox describe their film project which was set up to record the experiences and perspectives of gender variance.

Milan Gosai

Milan Gosai talks about how he manages to balance university with film-making activities and managing his own creative team.

Liliana Grzybowska

Film-maker Liliana Grzybowska explains how the spirit of the Olympics inspired her film Frank.

George Haydock, Matthew Rowlands and Alex Mannion-Jones

George Haydock, Matthew Rowlands and Alex Mannion-Jones collaborated on the haunting film Concrete Sleep as part of a university project.

Jacob Harbord

Film-maker Jacob Harbord says a fascination with the circus lifestyle inspired his film Send in the Clown.

Graham Hughes

Traveller and film-maker Graham Hughes discusses how he started making films by performing and filming comedy at university.

Tyrell Jeremiah

Tyrell Jeremiah explains why he is interested in how style and fashion can help define us.

Jade-Marie Joseph

Aspiring actress Jade-Marie Joseph tells how she wanted to present the positive face of youth culture.

Matthew Kay

Matthew Kay tells BBC Fresh how he hopes his documentaries will bring about positive change.

Michael Koranteng

Michael Koranteng says he's keen to give an alternative view of young people.

Alessandro Leonardi

Alessandro Leonardi explains how his own experiences as a young foreigner living in London inspired his film.

Gary Marshall

Gary Marshall submitted a film that explores a young farmer's personal experiences of rural Britain.

Beth Macaulay

Young film-maker Beth Macaulay submitted a film about a teenager's online fashion channel.

James McKenzie-Blyth

Film-maker James McKenzie-Blyth made a film that was an attempt to demystify the roots of dubstep music.

Monét Morgan

Monét Morgan talks about the inspiration behind her film Growing Up and Out of Space.

Siji Osibo

Filmmaker Siji Osibo wants to give a strong voice to young people.

Deborah Osunsami

Deborah Osunsami explains how she is trying to inspire young people to make the most of their time at university.

Geej Ower and Simon Oxley

Geej Ower and Simon Oxley, the director and producer of the film Know Hope, discuss their inspiration.

Robert Page

Robert Page talks about how he was inspired to make a film about his parents' life together.

Sophie Piggott

Sophie Piggott describes how making films with her family inspired her to study film at university.

Ryan Ralph

Ryan Ralph made a film about a Bollywood dance group in Belfast.

Pippa Riddick

Pippa Riddick describes what influences her film-making and how she chooses her subjects.

Malik Roberts

Malik Roberts made a film about body image.

Shekeila Scarlett

Shekeila Scarlett explains how the streets and open spaces of Hackney inspired her.

Max Steyger

Max Steyger's film follows a student march in Manchester.

Ruby Thompson

Ruby Thompson is co-director of Hide and Tweet, a film about Islamophobia that's spread anonymously via social networks.

Ben Williams

Ben Williams made a film about breakdancing because he was interested in the culture that surrounds the art form.

Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa Wilson talks to BBC Fresh about her film, which follows the work of the Just For Women Centre in County Durham helping local women gain new skills.

Jude Winstanley

Jude Winstanley is a freelance television production manager, who has written a guide to managing your production for BBC Fresh.

Meghan Young

Meghan Young talks about how a youth volunteer programme inspired her film Just, which explores gender and sexual identity.