So you think you know the Today programme? Try this test...

Celebrate 60 years of Today by answering ten questions and enjoy listening to some wonderful – and sometimes hilarious – moments from the programme's past.

1. Can you name these three Today personalities? Clue – one of them may have had something to do with the time...

(l to r) Jack de Manio and John Timpson, pictured with Pat Simmons (the voice of the UK's Speaking Clock, 1963-85).

2. Listen to this clip

John was expecting an interview with Labour MP Tony Benn – in fact what you’re hearing is a Mongolian throat singer.

3. The Today programme used to boast an early morning exercise segment. Who was the presenter?

Today's exercise guru was Eileen Fowler (in the dark shirt). Eileen also led a TV fitness class aimed at housewives, broadcast from Birmingham in the 1950s. Listen to the Today class (with musical accompaniment) here – who could resist Eileen's charm?

4. Which Royal made their broadcasting debut talking on Today about a dramatic performance, and in what year?

In 1969, Jack de Manio was the first radio broadcaster to be permitted to visit Buckingham Palace to interview HRH Prince Charles. In this extract, they talk about his student theatrics as part of the "Revolution" revue at Cambridge. Prince Charles does his Goon Show impersonation...

5. Why did newsreader Charlotte Green get a fit of the giggles?

Following a clip from Major Jack Tuat (pronounced: "Twat"...) Charlotte had to read a piece about sperm whales. It all got a bit much. You can listen to that moment here.

6. Who said this to Brian Redhead in 1987: "You've been a supporter of the Labour Party all your life, Brian..."? And what was Brian's retort?

It was Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson, and you can listen to how Brian reacted here.

7. Who was the first regular female presenter of the programme?

Libby Purves was the programme’s first regular female presenter, in the late Seventies. She joined as a producer, then reported for the programme before becoming its presenter. Here she is.

8. A Today presenter once burst into the studio, interrupting an interview, having got stuck in the loo. Who was it, and when?

It happened to Jack de Manio, on 31 March, 1970. Here's what was broadcast.

9. Who described Today as an “aural Blue Peter for 60-year-olds”?

In a documentary made for Today's 50th anniversary, former Today editor Rod Liddle described the original programme when it started as "a light, entertaining magazine programme… an aural Blue Peter for 60-year-olds". Here he is in his editing days.

10. Which member of Theresa May's Cabinet worked briefly on Today as a writer and reporter?

Click here to reveal... Michael Gove.

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