Cosatto prams collapse suddenly with babies inside

For most parents their new-born baby is the most precious thing in the world and so choosing a pram or pushchair to keep them safe is an important and sometimes expensive decision. But what if that decision ends up putting your baby’s safety at risk?

Published 2 October 2013:

Retailing at around £400 the Cosatto Giggle is a 3-in-1-baby travel system. It combines a carrycot to be used as a pram for new-borns; a pushchair mode for when babies get a little bigger; as well as having the added bonus of being able to accommodate a separately sold car seat.

With a wide variety of quirky designs the Giggle seems like a great choice for any new parent. But the rising complaints on forums and even the Cosatto’s Facebook page suggests otherwise.

In fact Watchdog has heard from more than 20 viewers complaining about the pram collapsing unexpectedly whilst babies are still inside.

A piece of plastic joining the front of the frame to the wheel has in some cases suddenly snapped.

One mother who experienced this problem was Gemma Antell from Warrington.

The plastic snapped causing the pushchair to collapse and the front wheel to detach. It happened as she went down a kerb whilst her baby son Dexter was still inside.

She said: ‘It doesn’t bear thinking about what could have happened. The worst thing is what if he was in the other part of the pram. If he’d been a little bit younger, he could’ve literally come out of the pram.’

A similar thing happened to Gemma Read from Woodbridge in Suffolk.

She was on her way out to a carnival in the height of summer when her Giggle collapsed. Gemma said that when her baby Acacia was in the Giggle’s pram mode it gave way without warning.

Gemma and her partner could see no visible fault. They assumed that they had put it up incorrectly and so re-assembled the Giggle and carried on to the carnival. But it continued to collapse again and again until Gemma took her child out.

Gemma said, ‘I feel incredibly lucky and thankful that she was safe. Had we been going down a kerb or going down a hill or something then the situation could have been very different.’

Both Gemma Antell and Gemma Read have since received refunds from Cosatto.

Concerned with the product, Watchdog bought a Cosatto Giggle pram and had it tested by child product safety expert John Trinci.

John helps set Britain’s pram safety standards through his work CEN and BSI and told us, ‘On some buggies the plastic may be too brittle causing it to break or snap, whereas on others it may be too soft causing the locking mechanism to disengage, causing it to collapse’.

Company Response



We sincerely apologise to any customers who have experienced problems with their Giggle.

We take any concerns regarding product safety and reliability very seriously indeed and work tirelessly to make sure all of our products deliver the highest standards. This includes rigorous assessment and compliance testing above and beyond industry and statutory standards before they go on sale. We also commit to resolving any problems that do occur as quickly and fully as possible to give customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Following the launch of the Giggle, we became aware of problems affecting the front mounting bracket on a small number of products from some of the first batches manufactured. In a small number of cases, this was causing the folding mechanism to fail.

We stress that only a small number of products from these earlier batches was affected. The team is now contacting customers who bought a product from one of the affected batches and are offering to collect their chassis, carry out the important product enhancement, and return it to them free of charge with a three-day turnaround.

As well as contacting customers directly, we have posted information on our website on how to easily identify the correct model and how to book this service. We have also set up a dedicated freephone helpline.

These details are:


Freephone: 08000 149 252

FREEPOST, RSLA-KRSR-LLBA, Cosatto Limited, Bentinck Mill, Bentinck Street, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 7EP

We're a family company that's been serving the baby market for over 30 years. Many of us are parents and grandparents and so are determined to ensure all of our customers get the same peace of mind we would expect ourselves.

Once again, we would like to apologise to anyone affected.