The Enemy of the World


Following on from the First Doctor’s double in The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve, it’s now the turn of the Second Doctor to have a doppelganger – and this time he actually gets to meet him himself. It had been intended for the Doctor and Salamander to meet more than once, but the technical complexities made it practical to save the meeting for the climax of the story in the TARDIS.


Benik is played by actor Milton Johns, who is terribly good at this sort of creepy role. Johns will return to Doctor Who in the Fourth Doctor adventure The Android Invasion as the eye-patch wearing Crayford and then again, as Castellan Kelner, in The Invasion of Time.


The director of The Enemy of the World was Barry Letts and this marks the beginning of his long association with the series. Most notably he was the producer for the vast majority of the Third Doctor’s era and was jointly responsible for the creation of the Doctor’s arch enemy, the Master. Letts had also been an actor and had previously worked with Patrick Troughton in the BBC drama, Gunpowder Guy.


Neither Jamie or Victoria appear in episode four of The Enemy of the World. This was to allow Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling to take a holiday.


George Pravda makes the first of three appearances in Doctor Who. Here he is Alexander Denes. He will be back in The Mutants with Jon Pertwee, playing Jaeger and then with Tom Baker in The Deadly Assassin as the Time Lord Castellan Spandrel. With Milton Johns also in the cast of The Enemy of the World, that means that two future Time Lord Castellans are in the same production.


The story features a helicopter and a hovercraft. The helicopter was seen to explode but in fact this sequence was stock footage taken from the James Bond movie, From Russia With Love.


Patrick Troughton’s son, David Troughton, is an extra playing one of the guards in episodes five and six. David would appear again in Doctor Who in The War Games as Moor, The Curse of Peladon as King Peladon, and in Midnight as Professor Hobbes.


Unusually, the story ends on a cliff-hanger. Salamander has been sucked out of the TARDIS into space but the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria are left hanging on for their lives. This perilous situation was quickly resolved at the start of the following adventure, The Web of Fear.


Australian Bill Kerr was cast as the traitor, Kent. Kerr was best known to British audiences as Tony Hancock’s housemate in the radio series, Hancock’s Half-Hour.


Only Episode Three of The Enemy of the World survives in the BBC’s video library. It was released on DVD as part of the Lost in Time box set in 2004. The full audio soundtrack, with accompanying linking narration by Frazer Hines, has been released on CD and for MP3 download by BBC Audio.

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