Yodel: Have lessons been learnt?

Yodel - one of the UK’s biggest courier companies. If you’ve ordered a product online, chances are they’ve brought it to your door. Or maybe they haven’t. We’ve had complaints about non-deliveries. And when parcels have turned up, you’ve been amazed at the way they’re sometimes handled.

Georgette King ordered a jacket on Sports Direct via Amazon Payments. She paid the money, received the order confirmation, but never received her delivery.

When she rang Yodel they informed her that somebody had signed for it so there was nothing they could do – a person by the name of Floyd.

Georgette wasn’t at home, and neither was anyone else. So who was this mysterious Floyd? Georgette was adamant she doesn’t know anyone called Floyd but when she rang Yodel they said there was nothing more they could do.

Luckily, Amazon Payments did believe her and provided her with a refund.

In Georgette’s case she couldn’t prove that Yodel was wrong but another customer, Angela Kent could.

Angela ordered two sets of Nintendos from ACE for her twin daughters’ birthday.

When the delivery date came and the Nintendos did not arrive Angela decided to investigate further.

“I checked my emails to see where the deliveries were because I hadn’t heard anything and when I checked, one apparently had been delivered and signed for, and the other was still stuck in a warehouse somewhere. I checked online on Yodel’s tracking website and it says it was delivered at 11 o clock on the 11th October.”

Luckily for Angela she could rely on her CCTV system to support her case. It monitors all comings and goings throughout the day. And it was clear that there was no delivery.

As Angela could prove that she didn’t receive the parcel, ACE have since refunded her, but no thanks to Yodel.

That’s non-deliveries, but what about when your parcel does arrive? One viewer caught that on camera too.

Rob Beck ordered a new router from Virgin Media in March. When he arrived home one day he noticed a note in the letterbox from Yodel. The note stated that they had left his delivery – a fragile piece of technical equipment - in a safe place.

Rob was shocked to see that they had delivered it over the fence and on top of the bin.

Yodel later apologised, admitting this wasn’t the way the parcel should have been delivered.

But four weeks later, Rob ordered another piece of fragile kit. This time from Amazon.

This time he ordered 3D video cameras that he was to use for his job. As somebody who relies on these tools for a living he likes to take care of his goods.

Despite Yodel’s earlier apology to Rob on his previous delivery, his video camera was once again delivered over the fence and on to the bin – but this time it actually fell onto the concrete floor.

Like Angela, Rob also uses CCTV to protect his home and sent the footage to Yodel. They once again apologised.

Company Responses


A spokesperson for Yodel says,

As the UK's leading parcel delivery company, Yodel is contracted by the majority of the UK's top retailers to deliver orders into stores and direct to consumers. The company has a peak workforce of over 16,000 and last year delivered over 170 million parcels.

As with any operation this size we very occasionally face challenges with individual deliveries and work with the retailer and shopper to resolve any issues as swiftly as possible. Yodel does not tolerate poor service and investigates all complaints. We understand how disappointing it can be when things don't go to plan and where we are at fault, we apologise and take appropriate and robust action to prevent any repetition of the issue.

Since March this year, Yodel has undergone enormous change, restructuring the organisation and listening to shoppers and retailers to enable us to develop new services to keep up with consumer demands.

We have removed the cost of consumer calls to our contact centre, launched a customer service feed on social media and introduced online chat and improved online tracking. We are also offering retailers proactive SMS and email delivery updates to their shoppers as standard and rolling out new tracking technology which allows us to pinpoint the exact geographic location of each parcel every time it is scanned, thereby aidfng investigation into delivery queries.

We are committed to training our workforce and in 2013 plan to launch our new driver's academy programme, with the aim of ensuring customer experience and service standards.

A spokesperson for Amazon.co.uk says,

We work with a variety of carriers to deliver the many millions of orders that we dispatch on a weekly basis. Amazon measures itself on its ability to deliver items by the estimated delivery date we provide customers and the delivery performance is very strong. We take all customer feedback on board, actively monitor the performance of our carriers and make improvements in order that we can provide an even better service in the future.


A spokesperson for ACE says,

Express Gifts regrets the poor service received by Mrs Kent on this occasion. It did refund her for the Nintendos and wishes to apologise for the inconvenience she was caused due to the actions of the couriers.

Express Gifts takes its customer service, and service in general, most seriously. Based on the information that has been supplied to us about this situation, we have taken it up with Yodel and asked for an explanation and assurances that steps will be taken to seek to prevent this type of complaint again.

Yodel has advised that it has interviewed the two couriers that cover the area where Mrs Kent lives and has given assurances that the management team are reviewing their operational procedures at this particular Service Centre and briefings, regarding security processes and procedures, are taking place to seek to prevent a recurrence of this type of incident.

Express Gifts will be monitoring the situation to ensure that the high standards of service it expects from its couriers is maintained.


A spokesperson for Virgin Media says,

Yodel has investigated the case thoroughly and they’ve taken steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Yodel has apologised directly to Mr Beck and Ms Anderson and we’re sorry for any concern caused.