About the programme

India Business Report is produced here in Mumbai and Delhi by our on-camera team Yogita Limaye, Shilpa Kannan and Sameer Hashmi.

We travel the country reporting what's going on in all walks of life, from corporate boardrooms and rural villages, to state-of-the-art research institutes and Bollywood studios.

We're interested in understanding every aspect of the country's rapidly developing economy, and what that means not just for people living here, but around the world.

By talking to company chiefs and aspiring entrepreneurs, engineers, entertainers, designers, manufacturers, farmers and the myriad of people who go to make up one of the world's most vibrant economies, we aim to bring you the best of contemporary India, and show you why it's worth knowing.

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Contact us in Mumbai at:

Construction House A

off Linking Road

24th Road, Khar West

Mumbai 400 052


Tel: +91 22 6193 4100