Accessibility Options

This section provides information on the Accessibility options provided within the games.

What Accessibility options can be chosen in the game?

The Doctor Who Adventure Games were created to support the BBC One drama series Doctor Who. Like the TV programme, the games are aimed at young families; translating the exciting themes of each episode into an immersive games experience.

The decision was taken to use a 3D world, in order to try out new technologies and find ways to fully engage users with innovative, immersive content which are designed to enhance the audiences' experience of TV shows.

This experience can not be delivered via a standard Web Browser, so a file must be downloaded and installed from the BBC Doctor Who website before users can interact with the game.

The BBC is committed to making its online services as accessible as possible and the games are considered a valuable opportunity to discover and implement solutions to help us do this. In order to help with this, the games have implemented the following measures:

There are subtitles for all the speech within the game. The subtitles are on by default. If you do not see the subtitles:

1. Go the Main Menu in the game.

2. Select Options and then Display Settings.

3. Click the option to turn on the Subtitles.

You can control the characters using with the mouse buttons or the keyboard. Please see the Help section within the game for more information.

The games will help us measure the success of these new technologies in providing value for our audiences, while giving us better understanding of the challenges of providing that value.

If you would like to share your views with the BBC about the Doctor Who Adventure Games, please do not hesitate to email the BBC Usability and Accessibility Team.