Downloading the Game on a Mac

Update: These games are no longer available to download.

This section provides help on any issues you might have during the download of the Adventure games on a Mac. There is another help section if you are on a PC.

I'm on a Mac. The download has started but I do not know where the download is being saved?

In the Safari browser, selecting the save button will show the current download directory. You can change the download directory before the download starts. Otherwise it will save the file in the previous download location. Usually the download location is set to the Desktop.

To help locate the game installer it will have this Icon (opens in new window).

Double click on the icon and follow the instructions on screen. You will need to accept the licence terms to install the game.

The download has started. How long will I have to wait?

You are downloading the Game Installer which contains everything required to run the game. They have all been compressed as small as possible to reduce the download time to a minimum.

The actual time taken will depend on the speed of your internet connection and if you have a WiFi network that is shared by other people this may also influence the download time.

On a typical broadband internet connection (2 Mbps to 4 Mps). The Gunpowder Plot should take about 15-20 minutes to download. The previous 4 games should take about 5-10 minutes to download.

The download has started. Can I do other things and come back to the download when it has finished?

Yes. As long as you do not close the download window you can do other things on your computer.

However if you stream or download any files from the internet this will increase the time taken to complete the download.

While the game is downloading, you can enjoy a range of other Doctor Who games in the Fun & Games section of the site.

I've downloaded the game - what do I do now?

Once the game installer file has downloaded, you need to install the game. This means that all the components of the game are 'unpacked' and set up on your machine.

When you download the game you can choose where to save the Installer file. We recommend you save the file to your Desktop. Go to your Desktop (or wherever you saved the Installer) and double-click on the Installer icon to install the game. It looks similar to this icon (opens in new window) but the text may change depending upon which game you are installing but the icon will remain the same.

Double click on the icon and follow the instructions on screen. The Installer will then take you through installing the game step-by-step. Don't worry - it's really simple and you'll soon be playing the game. You will need to accept the licence terms to install the game.

During the installation process you can tick a box to add Doctor Who - The Adventure Games to your Dock. We recommend you do this. A TARDIS will materialise in your Dock and you can click this to launch the game.

At the end of the installation you can tick the box to launch the game as soon as installation has completed.