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A: Holby's on Tuesday evenings at 8pm on BBC One. Any schedule changes will be listed here.

A: Watch the latest and recent episodes of Holby City here.

A: To watch video clips on the Holby site, you'll need Flash. To install the latest free version onto your computer, check out BBC Help.

Please be aware that Holby video clips are only accessible to UK licence fee payers. International users will receive an error message when they try to access these clips.

A: If you're having problems, take a look at the BBC Help section. If the Holby website has a specific error, please email us.

A: Sneak a peek at each of our Episode pages which will highlight what's in store for our Holby residents.

A: The BBC provides signed cast photographs for free. To get your fave actor's autograph, please follow these steps:

Write your letter to the actor.

Send your letter to:

Name of actor (i.e. Paul Bradley)

Holby City,

Clarendon Road,




Mark the top left-hand corner of the envelope with the word 'Autograph'.

Make sure you include a self-addressed envelope - with your name and address clearly written.

If you want to write to more than one actor, you must write a separate letter to each cast member.

Please be patient when waiting for your reply as it can depend on the actors' schedules.

A: The show only uses professional actors.

A: The Holby website is not responsible for any of the content which appears in the programme.

For complaints concerning the programme, please contact:

BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922

Tel: 03700 100 222.

Find out more about how to complain to the BBC.