John couldn't understand his wife's literary aspirations, and at first didn't like her writing.

As with most men of that era, he thought a woman's place was in the home raising the children. He was also perturbed by her open support of the suffragette movement. The Suffragettes were campaigning for equal rights for women from the mid 19th century until 1928, when they achieved their goal.

Flora was unable to actively campaign with them as she was kept busy with her family. However, John did come to support Flora, and by the time Lark Rise was published, was encouraging her writing. Following her essays in the Ladies Companion, Flora began writing short stories and poetry. Her first published volume was Bog-Myrtle and Peat, a poetry anthology. Lark Rise, based on her childhood at Juniper Hill, was published in 1939, followed by Over to Candleford in 1941 and Candleford Green in 1943. The three stories were published as a trilogy in 1945, as Lark Rise To Candleford.