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The Andrew Marr Show is broadcast on Sundays on BBC One, from 0900 to 1000 BST.

It is not repeated, but of course viewers can watch it again at any time on the website.

It is a Piaggio Vespa scooter.

The duck blue colour with chrome finishes was chosen to match that of the Nissan Figaro used in the old title sequence.

The scooter was hired for the day to shoot the sequence and Andrew had great fun recording it. That really is him in the shots. 

Whereas the sequence at the start of previous series showed Andrew driving to Television Centre in West London, the new sequence sees Andrew arrive at New Broadcasting House in Central London.

The studio is in New Broadcasting House in Central London. The Andrew Marr Show is broadcast from the same studio as Newsnight and various other news programmes.

As before, when the show was broadcast from Television Centre, the back of the studio is a video wall and each programme inserts into that wall whatever graphic or picture they want.

The Marr picture is aimed to give the feeling of being next to the House of Commons and overlooking the Thames in central London.

The picture - or in fact series of pictures - was taken from the top of the Milbank tower which is a very tall office block on the embankment about midway between The House of Lords and the Tate Gallery.

Four shots were taken from the same spot then stitched together digitally, and a ten-minute loop runs in the video wall.

The same busses and vans cross the bridge ...but with a ten-minute gap, we hope this is not too obvious. 

The programme is shown on BBC iPlayer after UK transmission, and is available to view for 7 days after transmission.

(Occasionally, if a programme contains excerpts from other sources, rights issues may mean we are not allowed to show the full programme.)

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