Chances are, nothing scary is going to happen to you. But as the saying goes - better safe than sorry!

Staying safe home alone

  • Check all the windows are secure.
  • Lock the door from the inside.
  • If someone knocks on the door, check who it is. If you don't know them well, don't let them in.
  • If you have a back door, lock it before you go to the front door.
  • Don't tell any caller, including phone callers, that you're alone. Tell them your mum/dad/enormous wrestling-champion big brother is asleep or in the bath.
  • If the gas man or someone similar calls, tell him/her it's not a good time and to come back later.

Staying safe out and about

  • Don't go down dark alleys or anywhere you don't know.
  • Keep an eye on your drink. Even soft drinks can be spiked.
  • Trust your feelings. If you feel freaked out, change your route or go somewhere you feel safe.
  • Look confident.
  • Set your phone to vibrate or silent so you're not a target to phone-thieves.
  • Don't walk while you talk or text so you know what's going on around you.
  • Before getting a lift, text the car reg to a friend or your parents.
  • Before you go out, make sure your phone is charged and in credit.

Staying safe online

  • If you have an social account such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, adjust your account settings so only approved friends can instant message you or see your personal details.
  • When gaming, use a made-up name and don't be tricked into giving away any personal details.
  • Don't have anyone on any IM contact list who you don't know in the real world.
  • Learn how to keep personal info, like bank details, secure online.
  • Treating anything any stranger says in chatrooms and forums with suspicion. Sexy 16-year-old boy asking when you lost your virginity = pervy old git sometimes. It's not worth the risk.

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