Appearing on Strictly Come Dancing transformed Susan Calman’s life — and left an indelible mark on her body!

11 September 2018

Appearing on Strictly Come Dancing in 2017 changed Susan Calman’s life completely.

The Strictly super-fan joined the programme to learn how to dance, but found the experience ultimately increased her confidence and taught her to be kinder to herself.

As she revealed on the Afternoon Show, the programme pushed Susan far out of her comfort zone.

“I was standing there dressed as Wonder Woman about to strut and do a samba.

“I thought, ‘What are you doing Calman?’.”

Doing it for the super-fans

But such doubts were quickly quashed by a sense of responsibility to her fellow Strictly devotees.

“Every time I went out there I thought, ‘Last year I was sitting on my sofa watching it.

“‘I’m doing it for all those people sitting at home on their sofas wishing they were on Strictly Come Dancing’.”

Susan’s Strictly highlights

Susan’s own celebrity super-fan

A permanent reminder of Strictly

Susan was paired with her dream dance partner, Kevin Clifton.

Their “incredible relationship” resulted in Susan tattooing her foot in honour of Kevin's hometown.

She explained, “We were odds on favourite to go out first.

“I said as a joke in week two, if we get to Blackpool I'll get a tattoo, because we weren't going to get to Blackpool, were we?

And then we got to Blackpool.

From the archives: Susan’s alternative rhythmic gymnastics routine from 2014

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