More from The Archers, on BBC Radio 4 Extra

Pictured: Matt Crawford and Lilian Bellamy (Kim Durham and Sunny Ormonde), in happier times.

Ambridge Extra gives listeners the chance to spend more time with Archers characters, giving them an added insight into other areas of their lives.

It can be enjoyed in conjunction with The Archers, or listeners can tune in to either programme as stand-alone series

Series 5

This series intially follows Matt Crawford and Lilian Bellamy on their holiday to Montenegro.

It's far from a relaxing break, with the affair and Paul's death hanging over their heads. Matt finds distraction with some new friends: Russians involved in commercial property development over there, with big consequences for himself and for Lilian.

Characters from The Archers

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Matt Crawford

Lilian Bellamy

Brenda Tucker

Guest stars

Meet the new characters, and hear a brief introduction from some of the actors playing them.

The Russians

Dmitry - Pony-tailed, motorbike riding... a free spirit that would turn any woman's head. Listen

Tatyana - super-cool international businesswoman. Listen

Vitaly - Playboy and property developer. Listen

Leonid - Vitaly's father, a wealthy oligarch. Listen


The Brits

Robin - London-based businessman

Zac - London-based computer whizz, friend of Dmitry's

Photo gallery

See the cast in action and 'on location' (all photos were taken in Bimingham!)

How can I listen?

Ambridge Extra is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra. You can hear it on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2.15pm, with an omnibus half hour programme on Sundays at 11.15am and again at 7.15pm.

BBC Radio 4 Extra can be heard on DAB digital radio and digital television, and online via your computer. You'll also be able to sign up to the podcast (free download) which will deliver programmes automatically to your computer, to listen to at your leisure.

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